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Saturday, November 18, 2017



San City Steel Symphony was established in 1990 among the employees of the San Fernando City Corporation. The band is housed at the City Corporation compound located at their Carib Street complex in San Fernando, where it serves as a training institution for youths in San Fernando and environs.

San City’s participation in steel band competitions commenced with Panorama in the Small Band category where the band’s highest achievement was placing second in 2009. Other achievements in competitions have been qualifying for Small Band semifinals four times; 2005, 2006, 2009, 2013 and one final in the Pan in the 21st Century Competition.

About The Band's Tune of Choice.
Sky Fall is an orchestral pop song with duration of four minutes and forty-nine seconds. It was written and sung by Adele of Britain. Composed by Adele and Paul Epworth, featuring orchestration by J.A.C Redford.
Sky Fall is the theme song for the 2012 James Bond movie of the same name. After reading the film script, both Adele and Epworth aimed to compose a song, which would capture the mood and style of the other James Bond movies, with lyrics relevant to the film plot.

The song has been arranged to 12 minutes by Mr. Aquil Arrindell De Caries for the steel orchestra, for entry in the 2013 Steel Band Music Festival competition entitled Pan Is Beautiful. Much like Adele and Mr. Epworth, he too wanted to keep the identity of the original James Bond theme, 007 by Monty Norman.

Both Sky Fall and the 007 theme song used an up and down chromatic movement. In Sky Fall in the key of c minor, the chromatic movements are G, G-sharp, A and back to G-sharp. This motif became dominant throughout the 12-minute arrangement. Two other motifs used would be that which is from the first line of the verse, lyrics for that part being, ‘this is the end' and the line at the end of the chorus, with lyric, ‘when sky fall'.
In this arrangement there are a lot of quick downward movements to give the feel of someone falling. This is most evident in the middle of the piece with the use of downward overlapping whole tone scales, which slow down as the scale moves from tenor all the way down to the bass section.

The arrangement also depicts the character of James Bond himself. Immediately after the chorus, the band plays a smooth, loving melody in a six-eight time, which would end with a dramatic climax, much like his relationships with the ladies.
There is a section of the music which is a bit bi-tonal, which would represent that element of chaos and drama that comes along with whatever mission he is assigned to. Percussion was used to give a representation of his cross-continental life, which is an additional perk of his job as a spy.

This music would give an interpretation of James Bond in the movie Sky Fall and others through the eyes of the arranger.



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